Ademco / Honeywell Vista Series




Ademco Vista Series
4130, 5137, 6128, 6139, 6150, and 6160

Arm: Code + [2] Away (Arms All); Code + [3] Stay (Arms Perimeter only)

Disarm: Code + [1] OFF

Check Faulted Zones: Press [*] key. The keypad will scroll through all faulted zones.

Bypass Zone(s): “Code + [6] + Zone number(s). Most panels use 2-digit zone numbers. The very large Vista 100 and Vista 128 panels use 3-digit zone numbers. Many panels also allow you to “”Quick Bypass”” by pressing Code + [6] Bypass + #.  The panel will bypass zones that are open.”

Smoke Reset: Smoke Detectors mostly reset automatically with these panels when alarm is silenced at the keypad. However, you may have to enter Code + [1] OFF again to reset the smokes. There might be a reset button on some panel boxes to reset smoke detectors.
* If smoke has not cleared, the alarm may resound. Clear the detector of smoke and repeat the sequence to reset.

Chime Mode On/Off: Code + [9] Chime

Change Code: It is recommended that you first contact your security company and make changes under their direction. Code + [8] Code + User # + 4 new digits. Most panels require a 2-digit user number. A few panels have 1-digit user numbers. Try a 2-digit user number first. If that doesn’t work, use a 1-digit number.  Larger panels require alpha keypads to change codes and will ask questions to complete after the above process is done.

Power Down Panel: Pull one wire from the battery, Then unplug the panel transformer if you know where it is.  It is a beige box plugged into a nearby power outlet.  If you can’t find it, then pull one AC wire. Most panels this will be terminal 1 on the far left bottom of panel. Some panels vary. Vector panels – AC is term. 3 & 4.

User Manual: If you don’t know your panel model, look inside the door of the alarm control box.  There should be a label that will give you the model number.